Re: Removing shell/lime from sand

>Is easy and cheap.  Buy muriatic acid (used for etching cement) at
>your hardware store.  (Sensible warning snipped)

Before you go the heavy duty route, check if you can't remove the lime and
shell fragments with several thorough rinses in plain water. (Of course,
this won't work if the lime and shells are large.)

Six months ago, I extolled the virtues of Lapis Lustre and was warned that
it definitely contained shells that would cause my hardness and pH would
rise and give me an endless headache. I have had no such problem. More
recently, I read that it's possible in the finer grade gravel--sand--for
any shells to have been ground up so fine that they are reduced to powder.
(This of course is not always the case but seems to be true for so-called
"playground sand.") This powder can be washed off. Since I washed my Lapis
Lustre, it's possible that, if it did contain shells, I washed the shells

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