Re: Red laterite clay

In a message dated 96-07-18 03:59:18 EDT, Olga in Vancouver wrote:

> Also, has anyone bought and used the "laterite" red potting clay that
> ceramic places use? And if so, what's the verdict?

I am using red laterite potters clay in the substrate of my 10 gallon NAW
aquarium. The aquarium is relatively new but plant growth is good. The
aquarium has riccia, rotala indica, rotala macranda, rotala wallichi and
myrophylia with 61 watts of compact fluorescent lights and the growth is
fantastic. The myrophylia doubles in size every week. I'm going to need to
start pruning the r. macranda and r. wallichi soon and "mow" the riccia. The
rotala indica is half height foreground plant, so I have to prune it
constantly. I'm not sure which ingredient is the most important, the high
light, CO2 injection or laterite clay substrate, but everything seems to be
working well in the tank, except that the fish currently have ich.

Neil Schneider

In Poway, California where the the weather is nearly perfect.