Cannister Filter

>From: Don Griffes <dgriffes at coresoft_com>
External canister filter (narrowed down to fluval or ehiem leaning toward
fluval 103 or 203)
>   with the spraybar towards the bottom of the tank.

If you go with the spraybar, make sure you can restrict the flow of water
from the cannister output, otherwise you will get too much topside
agitation.  Magnum has inline valves which serve this function, so I'm
pretty sure Ehiem and Fluval do also.

>If not where is a good place to get a decent quantity of plants?

Delaware Aquatic Imports will pick plants for you.  You tell them tank
conditions, bio-type, etc. and if your order exceeds $50, will give you a
10% discount to boot.  I have ordered from them, and their plants arrived
in two days, snail-free, and algae-free.  I highly recommend them.

There number is 1-302-738-4042.  They are hard to get sometimes, but well
worth the effort.

Augustine Rodriguez
Elk Mound, WI USA