More on my water

A local pet shop mentioned to me a year or so ago that water out of my 
water conditioner/softener (resin type washed with salt water) would be bad for my 
fish but I haven't noticed any problems and have raised a couple of Angelfish 
spawns and a few krib spawns with no problems.  Anyway is the water 
conditioner bad for the health of plants or fish?  I set my rinse cycle on the 
water conditioner longer than suggested to try and get all the saltwater out 
of the resin.  (I normally mix equal parts "soft" and tap water when filling 

I need to correct some of my last message

I said:
>Anyway I can somewhat adjust the hardness of my water (going into the tank)
>within the 2-18 DH (maybe kh) range so with the CO2 I could lower my pH to 
>a reasonable range.  So again is the lime considered bad?

It should be 2-18 GH.

Anyway I can't test for GH anymore as my indicator solution seems to have
gone bad.  I did test my water for kh though and found:
Tap water or conditioned water I get 9 DH of kh  (did I say that right)?  (pH is approx. 7.5)
Water that was in with sandblaster gravel  I get 13 DH of kh and a pH of somewhere around 8 - 8.4.

So I've decided that looking for new gravel is a priority for me now.  Thanks Neale for
alerting me to the problem.

I'm looking for a good pH controller or DIY plans for such any suggestions?
Has anyone used the octopus or Neptune controller(s)?
If so what is the cost and do they come with probes for pH all ready to go?


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Software Engineer
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