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> Anyway I'm =
>wondering which brands are good and good values.  I've been looking at a =
>catalog from Pet Warehouse and see they carry Magnum, Eheim and Fluval

I have an Eheim on my 32gal {2213}. I think it's great. takes all
of 5-10 minutes to change/clean the media. I have 
Ehfimech {ceramic peices}, Ehfi-gorb {plastice grass-like stuff}
and floss. With the valves in the lines, it is very easy to service.
Mine has been running for about 7yrs now. {just in the last year
have I gotten serious about fish} I highly reccomend it. Not one
problem with it. {knock on wood}

As for the plants, etc.  Someone else will have to help ya with
that. As I have just started keeping plants.

Hopes this helps. Good luck