re:re:Snails and more Snails

Thank you for all your feed back and E-mail on the not so small problem I
Just a couple of feed backs to a question asked of me and a statement made in
the E-mail.

1.A person asked about the Ghost shrimp I am using, maybe someone with more
background could answer some of the questions.  Like the Scientific name or
where do they come from.  I could tell the person that they are sold in a lot
of good aquarium ( I would say fish store, but someone would ask how to fix
them be before they are put in the tank) store as food for Big fish. One
store in our area sell them for $1.69 for 10 or $.75 for one, buy the 10.  As
to where do they come from, the Tampa Bay Aquarium Society just did a
collecting trip and on the map they showed in this month's newsletter puts
them in river near my house(!?!?)( I was on military duty that weekend and
couldn't go).  

2. To the person that mentioned that snails are (only?) found in tanks with
heavy feedings, sorry I feel you maybe wrong about that to some degree.  I
use to work in pet store in the fish department (only) and I would tell
people to feed small amounts in the morning and only what they(the fish)
could eat in ten min. .  Well I go many steps beyond that for my own tanks.
 Every other day if I remember I'll stop all pumps and filters and fed the
floating food.  This serves two uses; one no food is moved and settled by
water movement and the fish know when the pumps go off that I am feeding and
only then will I feed.  Once a week the bottom feeders get alge disks. Today
I timed the feeding frizzy at about 5/7 min. to clean time.  I keep my tank
in front of a window and a few (as if I can use the word FEW in my tank right
now) of the snails spent most of the time on the glass surface, no food has
ever settled on the glass surface, that I noticed.  Yes my better half may
have over fed the two weeks I was away on military duty, but she shuts off
the power bar that controls any thing that I need to do morning feedings
also. And to bring this to an end; only my planted 45H tank is over run and
it is my only planted tank, snails came with the plants.

And Thank You again for all the info and help, this week and over the past
many months (of good readings in the postings).

From cloudy and sunny Temple Terrace, FL, where the weather person thinks we
may have a day come Oct./Nov. when the daily high will not reach the 90's.
 The next little town over (Tampa) is the lighting and thunder capital of the
world,( boy am I glad that's not us in Temple Terrace.)