snails and more snails

Yoadie yo ho !!!

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 J> Clown loachs: I was thinking of adding about four or five small ones to
 J> work on controlling  the population of snails.  I would like to hear
 J> from anyone or all who have had dealings with the Clown loachs, good or
 J> bad.

The best snail killer there is. Gets them every time.
However, a lively and sometimes quarrelsome fish. With your
setup I think there should be no problem with it, especially
since you have sand - I've had Clown loaches that very
nicely dug out plants from gravel by lifting one piece of
gravel after another and moving them aside (by sucking onto
them!). They are not nasty with other fish, and add a bit of
life to the tank, should go along nicely with the SAE (mine

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