Re: Too many snails

>First snails - I have never seen large numbers of snails in a lightly fed
>tank.  The snails will eat extra food so that if the feeding volume is
>fairly constant the snail population will adjust upward to take care of
>eating all the left over food.
>I would welcome hearing from others re population as a function of
>available food.  I have observed this so much I accept it as fact but
>would like input from others to see if I am right.

I keep a very lightly fed 10-gallon tank with three otos. In the beginning,
I fed the otos less than once a week, a very small portion, because I
wanted them to clean out the algae. They did their job but my plants were
disappearing too. First little holes in leaves, then no leaves.

Then I noticed the snail population had boomed; they were eating the
plants. I've lost two entire stands of big Java ferns to them.  I am doing
a nighttime hunt every night but the young snails are too hard to find.

Know if clown loaches are represented by a temporary employment agency?

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