Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #75

> From: Jimcapwet at aol_com

> I ve been a reader for a bit now.  I ve got a great looking tank (45H) from
> all your ideas that you all have put out over the past few months.  But now I
> have to ask a question to help with a not so small problem I am having.
>  Snails --alot of snails.  For many months I thought they were cool, no
> plants showed any problem of being eaten.  While tonight I have had it,
> almost.  I feed my bottom feeders Wardley Premium Algae Discs, once in
> awhile. I have no noticable algae problems.  My bottom workers are 4 Otto's,
> 1 SAE (or is it SEA), it is a  flying fox (a real one too), 2 cat fish, a
> good bunch of Ghost Shrimp, and what used to be a few snails.

	The Flying Foxes are not real SAE's. You may very well have "a
real one" but it is hopefully an SAE. I have not ever used clown loaches 
because five of them won't do as good a job as one small figure 8 puffer. 
There are some older messages that you can find in the archive about this 

	Alok - in hotlanta.