snails and more snails

I ve been a reader for a bit now.  I ve got a great looking tank (45H) from
all your ideas that you all have put out over the past few months.  But now I
have to ask a question to help with a not so small problem I am having.
 Snails --alot of snails.  For many months I thought they were cool, no
plants showed any problem of being eaten.  While tonight I have had it,
almost.  I feed my bottom feeders Wardley Premium Algae Discs, once in
awhile. I have no noticable algae problems.  My bottom workers are 4 Otto's,
1 SAE (or is it SEA), it is a  flying fox (a real one too), 2 cat fish, a
good bunch of Ghost Shrimp, and what used to be a few snails.  While tonight
after a half hour I noticed a big pile of snails; the pile was bigger then
the one disc I put in.   Now for my question,  Clown loachs: I was thinking
of adding about four or five small ones to work on controlling  the
population of snails.  I would like to hear from anyone or all who have had
dealings with the Clown loachs, good or bad.
I have a sand bottom over a mud pie mix of soil, peat, latrite, which is over
a bottom bed of gravel.  ave the CL dug into the sand in anyone's set up? 

James E. Capelle in Temple Terrace FL (the Post Office thinks Tampa but no)
Wheres it has been in the 90's for a couple of months but in the 80's during
the winter.

Ms. KR: I do and don't miss the weather in Mass.. How's Bertha?