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> Subject: T8 endcaps
> Hi all,
Roni wrote............ 

>   Does anyone know a cheap source for T8 endcaps?  The cheapest I've been
> able to find is about $12 a pair for tritons and I need six!!!  Also, does
> anyone have a multibulb setup without endcaps or a glass cover for the
> aquarium?  What is your experience?

I bought mine at the Home Depot. They have two kinds T12 and T8. The latter is
a bit shorter and that is the only difference. The cost of 4 end caps (I bought 
them 6 months ago) was $2.29 Canadian. There should be a Home Depot close to
where you live I hope.
A word of caution however. The $12.00 ones you have likely saw at the local 
aquarium store were probably vapour proof, thus the extra cost. They are safer
but if you usually cover the aquarium the extra safety isn't so important.


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