Re: T8 endcaps

>  Does anyone know a cheap source for T8 endcaps?  The cheapest I've been
>able to find is about $12 a pair for tritons and I need six!!!  Also, does
>anyone have a multibulb setup without endcaps or a glass cover for the
>aquarium?  What is your experience?

I use regular sockets for my T8s (they use the same sockets as T12s) and
have a two-part glass cover for my aquatic plant tank.  The glass forms two
long planks on top of the tank so I can open just half the tank at a time
to feed the fish. On top of them sit two two-light strips--like George
Booth's design but made of ABS plastic and not hinged together.

There's a small gap between the two pieces of glass but I have had no
problems with condensation or moisture short-circuiting the lamps. The
contraption has been up for about half a year.

Greg. Tong
San Francisco, CA, USA
gtong at sirius_com

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