Redgarding Pond Flourish

On 7/10/96 David Webb said:

>I have no idea what the nutrient concentrations are in Pond Flourish
>(although I know it >has Potassium, Iron, and trace elements, with no N or
>P), but the dosage instructions say >1 tablespoon per 600 gallons per
>week.  I sat down with a pen and paper and did some >calculations and
>measurements (measured 15 drops per teaspoon) and determined that this
>>worked out to 1 drop every other day per 50 gallons.  I still haven't
>worked out how long >this bottle should last on my 55g tank, but if it
>works, I may not be purchasing any more >trace elements for several years.

Though I can not really answer any of your questions about PMDD, David, I
can say that Flourish is one of the most concentrated products I have ever
used, and testify for its effectiveness; I was at first doubtful about such
small doses, and figured that one 250 mL bottle, costing less than $5,
couldn't truly dosed what SeaChem claims--5,000 gallons!

But I went with it in my newest high light intensity and CO2 injected tank,
and have dosed with mere drops per day, and have been amazed; such diverse
species as Glossostigma elatinoides, Riccia ("teathered" to stone), Rotala
macrandra, Cabomba piauhyenis, and several huge, reddish/purple and green
Crypt. Wendtii's are growing incredibly and pulsing with color. I have
measured what I can: Fe,SiO2,PO4,NO3, and all are as should be...?!

So, if all continues as is, yes, I will not need to buy another major iron
and trace element supplement product for more than a year.

Very cost effective and great for those of use with pressed time, I think.


Todd March
tmarch at primenet_com
northridge, CA