Re: SAE and kalopterus

> Yestarday I went to my fish seller to buy some other Siamensis (I have 
> just one old, 2.5" lenght, all silver) and he sold me some little one

All silver?  You are sure it is a SAE?  They should always have that
black stripe, and although it fades when the fish is stressed or just
agitated, it doesn't completely disappear.

> (1") but (for me) very similar to Kallopterus . He showed me photos of Sae
> and Kallopterus explaining that are similar (grey, with yellow fins and
> a dark line from head to back) and he was always furnished as Sae. 

A kalopterus has a light stripe over the black, a SAE doesn't.  There is
some black in the dorsal, pelvic and anal fins of a kalopterus, and the
fins of a SAE are clear (not yellow!).  The black stripe extends to the
fork of the tail with both these species, but stops at the base of the
tail with "false siamensis". 

See the SAE article either at my homepage or AGA homepage.  At my homepage
you'll find my drawings of these fishes, and AGA homepage has Neil Frank's
excellent photos of them.  My url is http://www.hut.fi/~lsarakon/
and AGA url is http://blake.oit.unc.edu:80/~fish/aga/   (Neil, did I got
that right?)

Liisa from very rainy and windy Finland