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I have a tank 60 in long, 18 in deep & 24 in tall that I would like to 
set up as a live plant tank.  I've kept a 30 with live plants 
successfully, but w/o all the high tech stuff.  This time I'd like to 
modernize my approach by utilizing state of the art lighting, heating, 
filtration and CO2 injection.  Could anyone give some suggestions on 
what type of lighting equipment would be effective?  Are Sandpoint's 
heating cables & CO2 system good buys?  And are they user friendly?  As 
far as filtration is concerned, I'm not sure.  I was thinking of a 
gravity fed trickles filter connected to some Ocean Clear canisters.  
Would this set up work with C02 injection?  I know...Lotsa questions.  
I'd like to be confident in what I'm purchasing before I take out the 
second mortgage...that's all.

Any info provided will be greatly appreciated, I will respond to all 
callers.  I can be reached at mcone at concentric_net or 
ray_cone at attpls_com

Best Regards!

Ray Cone

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