Microsoft E-Mailers, equals at the end of the line =

We have all seen those equeal signs at the line end of some of the posting
in the APD digest. I've always wondered what was the culprit, shoud have
known it was Microsoft. Here's and example followed by a description of the

> >explain it.  I presume that the aluminum would bond with the phospohates =
> >making them unavailable to algae, but I honestly have no real idea.  And =
> >if alum prevents algae in lakes, could we use it in our tanks as well?

Here's an excerpt from Guy Kawasaki's Macway E-zine.

Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 13:47:03 -0400
From: MacWay at aol_com
To: macway at solutions_apple.com
Subject: Windows Email
Message-ID: <960703134701_230406239 at emout08_mail.aol.com>

Keyword: Advocacy, Windows Daymares

This tidbit is from:

<gretajean at aol_com>

I just had to forward this post which came via a listserv discussion
group, from the list owner, to all the Windows 95 users on the list.

Thought it might be time to take up some bandwidth with a note to the
WIN95 users on the list. Believe me, this will benefit all of the
subscribers to this list, especially the people on Digest. The
attachment, or some people see it as long uuencoding at the end of the
post, is from a bug in the Microsoft Exchange Mailer in Win95. You will
not see the problem but you will hear about it as it causes major
problems on other mailers.

Exchange uses MIME with it's "RICH TEXT" to compose messages with
different colors and fonts. Blue is the default color when it composes
new messages. Exchange sometimes decides to START telling the whole world
this MUST be read as blue when it sends it out.Turning off the color
doesn't help, it then sends out uuencoding or an attachment telling
everyone" read this in black". If you have exchange then the posts just
come in OK, not with an attachment. Exchange reads its own encoding just

It will sometimes also add an = sign and sometimes =20 at the end of each

OK now the fix. First turn off the color,Click on TOOLS, OPTIONS and then
on both READ and SEND click on FONT and set the color to auto.Then click
OK and Apply.

Next click each of the addresses in your address book and making sure the
"rich text" box is not checked. If even one is on it will send them ALL
in rich text. Add your own address to the address book with rich text not
checked.Check it ON then OFF and click apply.

Next click on TOOLS again,OPTIONS, SERVICES and set it to INTERNET MAIL,
if you do not have it add it in. Click on PROPERTIES and in GENERAL click
on MESSAGE FORMAT. If MIME is on take it off. Then to get rid of the =
signs click on CHARACTER SET and switch ISO 8859-1 to US ASCII. If this
one is already set, switch it to the first one and click OK, then go back
and switch it again to get it to reset. Click on OK, OK, and apply. When
it resets you will get a message that it will not take effect until then
next time you open exchange. Close Exchange and reopen it.

How to make sure the cure is working!

Right click on the addresses on incoming messages and YOUR address on
your posts that you get back from the lists. Bring up properties,see if
rich text comes up checked. If not turn it ON and apply, then OFF and
apply. It sometimes takes a couple of trys to get it to reset, So check
several times to make sure rich text stays off.

Despite all of this you MUST continue when you use "reply to sender" and
"forward to" buttons to highlight and double click on the address on the
new message and check properties to make sure rich text is turned off, IT
WILL TURN on for these functions with a new address and sometimes even
with one that was turned off before .Or use "compose new message" and
copy and paste the parts of the post you want.

Not as important, Exchange does not add in quote marks ( ) and some
people get testy about that. If you want them you can go to this web
sight and get a program to add to exchange that will put them in when
asked. It still doesn't do it automaticly but is a lot eaisier than
putting them in one at a time.The web sight also has lots of help for
Win95 problems. <http://www.creativelement.com/win95ann/win95ann5.html#13>


Is anybody else tired after all that?

See ya,

Greta Kirkland

(in ignorant bliss while missing the colored words in Win95 composed messages)