Re: Water chemistry assistance

>> From: John Lobingier <jlob at wpa_net>
>No, I do not use peat in this tank.  
>I do have two units ( bags ) of Dick Boyd's Chemi Pure in my Eheim 
>canister filter.  This a combination of carbon and ion exchange resins.  

Peat is GOOD for growing plants.... Chemi Pure is bad, VERY BAD! It is VERY
efficient at removing trace elements. I tried it once (~15 years ago) and it
killed my floating water sprite. Since then, I have not used any chemical
filtrants in any of my tanks.

>It is marketed for saltwater fish, discus, and African Cichlids. 
I am glad that its label does not mention plant tanks!

> These two Onion plants and my Java Fern 
>are the only plants that are doing good. My other once healthy plants are 
>going to the dogs.  I have a 5 year old sword plant that was beautiful and 
>healthy and in the past it received only 40 watts of light.  It is now 
>going bad.  My 
>hygrophilia poly, and wisteria are also going bad.  The leaves are turning 
>pale and brown. 
This is a good indication of the how robust java fern is. I would guess that
other plants with thick rhizomes would also survive chemipure, but only

If you want to grow plants, don't use carbon either.

Neil Frank, TAG editor    Aquatic Gardeners Association    Raleigh, NC USA