Pond Flourish

I went out on a PMDD ingredients hunt and was quite discouraged when I kept getting directed towards "head shops".  The only place in the directory that listed as a hydroponics shop is closed on Mondays, and since I only had last Monday to look, I wound up in a pond store in the nearby town of Mesquite TX.  

Because I needed trace elements pretty badly (my alternathera were starting to get holes), and didn't want to purchase from a drug paraphenalia vendor, I spent roughly $40 on a 2-liter bottle of Pond Flourish for at least the short-term.

I have no idea what the nutrient concentrations are in Pond Flourish (although I know it has Potassium, Iron, and trace elements, with no N or P), but the dosage instructions say 1 tablespoon per 600 gallons per week.  I sat down with a pen and paper and did some calculations and measurements (measured 15 drops per teaspoon) and determined that this worked out to 1 drop every other day per 50 gallons.  I still haven't worked out how long this bottle should last on my 55g tank, but if it works, I may not be purchasing any more trace elements for several years.

Any thoughts?  Should I keep looking for a Microplex mix?

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