PMDD's and Hair algea

I have had some interesting observations the last few months in my 30 gal
plant tank.  I have 60 watts lighting and I add C02 with the yeast method.
For about 6 weeks all I added to the tank was Ferreal which is a iron only
During that time I noticed no algea growth at all and my plants seemed to do
well.  Then I started making my PMDD mixture and adding that to the tank.  I
use Microplex as my Iron supplement along with K2SO4 and KNO3. I keep my
iron levels at .3 to .4 mg/l.  This may seem high but it seemed to have no
bad effects on the fish so I thought it probably would be better for the
However after a couple of weeks of this, Hair algea started to show up.  My
nitrate levels were reading 0.  I even checked with another kit because I
thought my lamonte kit might be goofy.  But sure enough my nitrate levels
were still 0.
 My question is - What can be causing my Hair algea?  It seemes to be
growing at a steady pace now.  I quit adding KNO3 with the PMDD mixture and
still have Hair algea.  Can the K2SO4 cause algea problems?  Since I have
never heard of a way to test for Potassium sulfate is it possible to have
too high of levels of K2SO4 in the water and if so, What would this do?

Is it possible that with iron levels of .3 to .4  mg/l this could cause
algea problems?

I know from what I have read here on the list that phosphates is generaly
considered to be the sorce of algea growth but why would my phosphates
levels of went up when I started using PMdd's. (I realy don't know that they
did as I don't have a test kit for phosphates).

Overall, I like this PMDD method.  It sure is a cheap way to go if I can get
the bugs out of it.

For you people that are concerned about the copper levels in the Microplex
mixture, here were my test results.  When I was showing Iron levels of .3 to
.4 mg/l my copper levels were .15 to .2 ppm.  From what I have learned I
don't think this is any thing to worry about.  Somebody correct me if I am

Paul Rothel In Ohio (searching for the answer