Water chemistry questions

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Hi, I am getting my water chemistry ready in preperation to add CO2 via the
yeast/sugar method.  The silicone is drying on my pop bottle cap.  :)  If
you remember, I have a low KH level.  Going by the suggestions from people
on this list, I started to add baking soda to increase my KH.  I am adding
1/4 tsp of baking soda per day.  I just started this yesterday. I am doing
it in this amount so I do not raise the pH and KH too rapidly and stress my
fish out.  This is a 55 gallon tank.  Here are my water values from 1 or 2 (
? ) weeks ago.
pH 6.0, KH .5 to 1dh, GH 7dh.  

Today I checked these figures.  The results are after one day of adding
baking soda in the amount of 1/4 tsp.  

pH 6.0, KH .5 to 1dh, GH .5 to 1dh.  I said GH .5 to 1dh.  

I retested all of the values because I was shocked to see the change in GH.
Did the GH figure drop this far down because my plants are extracting the
need for CO2 ( carbon ) from my GH?  This is the decalcification process or
something like that in action?  The fish are fine.  

I have a 30 gallon plant ( if you can call it that ) :) tank with two sword
plants in it.  They are very healthy.  I have had them for years. I added
1/4 tsp of baking soda to this 30 gallon tank yesterday and here are the
test results from today.

pH was 6.0, it is now at 6.6.  KH stayed the same .5 to 1dh.  GH stayed the
same 7dh.  The pH went up so shouldn't I see a change in the KH?  

Baking soda ( sodium bicarbonate ) raises the KH only?  Is KH part of the
GH?  Calcium carbonate will raise the GH, but not the KH?  

Help please.  



"There are always exceptions to the rules"