Re: "Skunk grass" in pond

> From: Brett Anderson <"brduand1"@pernet.net>
> I have a 6 acre pond,in southeast Texas.The water is spring feed due to 
> the pond being 20ft deep.My problem is...I have skunk grass(called that 
> by a professional)growing at depths of 12ft due to extreme water 
> clarity.The P.H. is around 8.0.I would like to control the moss around 
> my area,for swimming perposes.Any suggestions would be appreciated.	

Water plants perform a very useful service in helping to purify
water so that it is suitable for swimming. I've seen home made
ponds designed for this purpose in a book on aquatic pond gardens.
Reeds and so forth will help catch sediment from any source that
is running into the pond. You could use sand or concrete on a part
of the pond to allow the swimmers to get access to the open water
but I think it's important to leave at least half of the pond for
plants to grow thickly. Water lillies are very attractive I think.
You may be somewhat limited by the natural hardness of the water
or leaching from the soil but you can consult a pond book for more
info on specific pond plants.

Another option would be a small wharf or a raft for the swimmers
to climb onto. I'm not sure what regulations you might need to be
aware of in your region but it might be wise to consult the local
fish and game or a similar association. It's important to exercise
caution so that potential weed species of aquatic plants don't 
escape into the local habitat! Another consideration will be if
there are live stock who need access to the pond for drinking water.
They can contaminate the water pretty fast and make the algaes

Steve in Vancouver