Re: Algae control

     >I have a 6 acre pond,in southeast Texas.The water is spring feed due 
     >to the pond being 20ft deep.My problem is...I have skunk grass(called 
     >that by a professional)growing at depths of 12ft due to extreme water 
     >clarity.The P.H. is around 8.0.I would like to control the moss 
     >around my area,for swimming perposes.Any suggestions would be 
     Call the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department at 512 389-4652.  They 
     can give you plenty of good advice on algae and weed control in your 
     pond.  This is one of the services they provide.
     You can also call the Texas A&M University Extension Service at 409 
     845-7473 and speak with Dr. Jim Davis, who is an expert in aquatic 
     plant control in ponds and lakes (he may refer you to Parks and 
     Wildlife, though).