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The last days there have been written about import of Tropica Aquarium Plants:

David Whittaker write (Tue, 2 Jul 1996 02:53  Re: Aquatic Plants on the WWW):
> We could ask Windelov I guess.

You can! Holger Windeloev is the owner of Tropica Aquarium Plants in
Denmark. To day we talked about this story!
I am Claus Christensen, Vice-Manager, Tropica Aquarium Plant, Denmark.
I have worked for Tropica 16 years, also in the period where Tropica
exported larger quantity of aquarium plants to US.

Some information about it:

> Actually the person to thank is a Dutchman who once worked for Tropica
> and then set out on his own to import into the U.S.

Sorry to inform you: No Dutchman worked for Tropica!

> My source (which isn't Tropica) has him denouncing the quality/health of
> Tropica's plants which resulted in the product of both companies being
> banned by the Department.

The ban on aquatic plants in stone-wool has connection to some export of
water-plants from Holland.
After some years of success for Tropica exporting to US, (in stone-wool),
exporters from Holland tried to do the same. Their plants were not able to
pass the strong import control. There were problems with pests in the
plants. US Department of Agriculture decided a total ban on potted aquarium
plants! It is about 12 years ago!

> They may or may not have been using the fiberglass at the time.
> That may also be the origin of the use of the sterile fiberglass potting
> technique.

We use stone-wool, not fibreglass! Stone-wool was also used at this time!

> It's a shame really. (That Tropica can't export to US).
> I'd be interested to know when this USDA regulation
> came into force and if it has always been enforced so stringently.

Your right, and Tropica are working on making it possible to export to US again!
We hope that something has changed!
More information about the "Ban" can read my old reply to this list (Re:
Importing Aquarium Plants - Wed, 21 Jun 1995):

> My source was hoping to wholesale for Tropica here in Canada then. 
Today it is possible to import Tropica's plants to Canada!
"Big All"'s shops in Toronto have them! You can find other importers in
Canada on Tropica's Web page!
http://www.tropica.dk    and    http://www.tropica.dk/verden.htm

> Horizon Growers sells Tropica Aquarium Plants ......
In North-America it is generally believed that Horizon Growers, California
sells Tropica Aquarium Plants from Denmark. This is not correct!
There is a connection between Horizon Growers and Tropica Aquarium Plants.
They purchased some plant-material from Tropica and visited our nursery to
study and learn about the production of aquarium plants.
Today Tropica Aquarium Plants has no direct connection to Horizon Growers
nor influence on the range and the quality of the aquarium plants they sell.
Tropica all original plants in a special plastic pot with a Tropica logo
with a small plastic label. (http://www.tropica.dk/plants.htm). 

Claus Christensen
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