Tropica vs. Horizon Growers

 Subject: Tropica vs. Horizon Growers

Ivon Anderson wrote:

> Tropica Plants can't be imported from Denmark, but are availab
> Horizon Growers, they use the Tropica formula and concept. They 
> the Web, but they're snail-mail address is:Horizon Growers, P.O.
> Ramona, CA 92065 (619)789-2983, fax:(619) 789 0297. I have any p
> experience with them, just found they're ad in Tropical Fish Mag

Tropica plants can only be purchased from Tropica.  Horizon 
Growers is an independent company that has the right to use the 
Tropica method of growing emersed plants for aquarium use.  There 
is no direct link between Tropica and Horizon beyond this.  
Tropica does not oversee the production practices of Horizon 
Growers. They _do_ offer many of the same species as Tropica, but 
these plants are _not_ Tropica plants, and will not be in Tropica 
pot or carry the distinctive (and useful) Tropica care and I.D. 

One further caveat.  If you are going to buy one of Horizon's 
"assortments" make sure you can specify that you want true 
aquarium plants _only_.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA