importing plants

I have an interesting story to tell you all.  I was in the Netherlands a 
few years back and I brought back a bunch of plants with me (all cactus 
and succulents).  The process that I had to do was this:

1.  Get an agricultural import permit.
2.  Enter the US through an ag import area (like JFK, NOI, LAX).
3.  Have NO soil on the roots
4.  Import nothing that is on the CITES list on endangered species.

That is all that there is to it.  It might sound like a hastle, but it 
really isn't.  If you are making a trip to Europe and are planning to 
bring plants back it is better to be prepared then have to throw 
everything away at customs.  And SOME custom areas in other 
International airports will allow you to bring plants in if they have no 
soil, you have the proper permits, and there is no soil (so roots can be 
inspected for nematodes).  A caveat...it takes about 4 months to get a 
permit so plan early :)


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