re: horse-headed loach

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Date: Sun, 30 Jun 96 22:40:05 +0200
Subject: Horse Headed Loach

Yoadie yo ho !!!

Based on a message from Todd March to All,

 TM> A store recently sold me a "Horse headed loach" for snail control in my

Gosh, they definitely know their stuff. I've never in my
life seen the Acanthopsis choirorchynhus eat a snail, and I
keep them for years now...

 TM> heavily planted 29g tank. This loach is long and snakelike, and burrows
 TM> into the substrate. He is very shy and I was told I wouldn't see him
 TM> much, which has proven to be true.

If you see him once a week you'll be lucky :) It moves in
the gravel as fast as it moves in the water, so it simply
lives there :) You'll have one good thing thanx to this
loach, though. The substrate will be constantly moved whcih
means it will be well aerated. In my experience the plants
don't suffer.

 TM> Any experience with these guys out there? Do they really munch away at
 TM> snails?

No way :) Get a Clown loach instead :) No snail is safe with
these guys :)

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