RE: MT Snails Update

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Date: Tue, 18 Jun 96 09:51:23 +0200
Subject: MT snails update

Yoadie yo ho !!!

Based on a message from Olga Betts to All,

 OB> the snails in my home aquarium. Soon I'm sure, I will have plenty. Can
 OB> anyone tell me how these snails reproduce? Are they the kind that only
 OB> need to be fertilized once to produce forever? Or the kind that are
 OB> both sexes in one? Or do they need a mate?

These snails are livebearers, and they are hermaphroditic,
meaning they don't need a male and a female, at least that's
what I've read about them. This means that you should soon
see very very small M.tuberculata moving around, and there
will be no eggs or anything. That's why getting rid of those
snails is nevt to impossible, if anyone wants to get rid of
them, of course (I couldn't imagine why one would...).

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