SAE's and DAI

Subject: SAE's over-rated!?

> Anyhow, after purchasing 4 SAE's for my 135 gallon planted discu
> tank I have one observation.  They don't eat algea, well "mine"
> don't!  Their at the front corner of my aqaurium with the Discus
> beefheart, or brine shrimp, or flakes, or what ever.  Needless t
> say, they are quite fast and eat a majority of the food.  Their
> pot-bellies and large size prove this!
> I still have various varieties of algea, and no aglea eaters, an
> suggestions?

This is a problem noted by many Discus owners.  You are right, 
SAE's deffinitely prefer (and grow faster on) Discus food than 
algae.<g>  I could say feed your Discus less, but I doubt you'd 
like that answer ;-)

The only way I've found to control algae in heavily planted Discus 
tanks is to feed as sparingly as I dared, and make sure all food 
was rinsed and draind on a paper towel first, so no more waste was 
getting into the water than absolutely necessary, and to do 
massive, frequent water changes.  I had 4 adult Discus in a 55G 
tank, and had to do 50% water changes twice a week to keep 
phosphate levels low enough to keep algae under control.

BTW, Discus food will also grow you truly _ENORMOUS_ Cardinal 
Tetras too. ;-)

 Subject: Re: Delaware Aquatics 

> You recently submitted a letter regarding Delaware Aquatics and 
> were curious about the quality. 


> I have to say that I wouldn't order or buy plants from anyone 
else ( unless Karen R. opens a plant business that is....<G> )  

Don't count on that!<g>  When I need plants in quantity, Mike T is 
my source too!<VBG>

> I  highly recommend you consider giving him a call.  
Top quality top quality guy. 

I'll second that.  He's _very_ generous to Aquarium Clubs too.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA