Re: CO2/H2CO3 equilibrium

> Paul Sears writes:
> >	Right on!  I think I should point out, though, that the reaction of
> >CO2 with water to give H2CO3 is considered slow by chemists, because it
> >takes seconds.  Many of the other reactions that interest us are orders of
> >magnitude faster. [...]
> >
> Good points, Paul.  I know that I sometimes assume that everyone else knows
> this stuff already.  Back in my grad school days we (the Inorganic Chemists)
> had a standing joke that a slow reaction was one that you didn't have to be a
> femtosecond-pulsed-laser-jock (ie. a Physical Chemist)<G> to study the
> kinetics.
> Bill

	This thread has been good for me, I feel like I've learned a 

	I would also like to say that you chem geeks haven't changed 
much!! 8)  We here at Emory put so much pressure on the chem geeks that 
they have started working in bio research - they say they're 
biochemists, but we know they're just bio dorks like the rest of us. 
	Come join the bio crowd - it's where the real action is!