Re: MH Wattage for 30 Gallon Tank

Todd March writes....

>For a heavily planted 29g tank--30"X18"X12"-- with CO2 injection--with a
>single MH pendant light suspened overhead, would a 175W be overkill
>(resulting in insane growth)? Would a 100W be more in line with this modest
>setup and worth the extra $18?
>Any advice from the metal halide savy would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Firstly, there is no such thing as insane growth. Either lamp would
be fine. I have a 175 over my 29 gallon. Both the plants and algae
do very well. A MH isn't ideal for this shape of tank. If you're handy,
why not try 3 or 4 20 watt fluorescent lamps?

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