Aquatic Pl. Info About List

I'm sorry to use your space, but I need some help.  I have been searching for
two weeks to find a list that I could join that would include aquatic water
gardening along with water quality, fish, etc. for my aquatic water gardens
in my back yard (one 1,000 gallons, the other 1600 gallons).  I am on the
Golden Retreiver list and enjoy it so much -  so educational and fun too and
I'm an active participant!  I want to join a list for my water gardens, but
don't know if I'm in the right place here.   Can anyone help me - does anyone
know if there is such a thing as a discussion list that would include fish,
plants, and water quality on outdoor water gardens?  Would I be welcome on
this discussion list if my interests go beyond plants as long as I stick to
plants in discussions?  Please advise and thank you all!   Mary, St. Louis,
Missouri, ponotoc at aol_com.