Reconstituted RO/DI water

I recieved this "recipe" from the fine people at Spectrapure
makers of ro/di equip. I have not tried it yet, but thought
I would pass it on.  It makes 100 gallons of water, adjust
accordingly.  12 grms CaSo4, 4 grams CaCi2, 4 grms NaHCO3,
12 grms MgSO4, and 8 grms Na2B4O7. The analysis: total
hardness 52ppm, Magnesium hardness 16ppm, calcium 36ppm,
Alkalinity 32-40 ppm, chloride 12-16 ppm,Co2 less than 5,
and TDS less than 102.  Adjust sodium Borate and sodium
Bicarbonate to achieve desired PH.  Any of the chemist out
there care to make a evaluation???