Suggestions please!!

Hello to you all!!!  I have so far been a lurker on this list and it is
amazing how much I have learned in the last month or two since I joined.  

I have a situation I would like some advice/suggestions on.  I have a 100
gal tank with 3 discus, 2 corys, 3 loaches, 1 african knife fish, 1 eel, 2
platys, 1 butterfly fish, 1 hatchet fish, and one otocinlus.  I also have 6
live plants or so.  My filtration includes UG with 4 airstone uplift tubes
and 2 uplift tubes with powerheads and a whisper 5000 filter that hangs on
the back of the tank.  I have DIY CO2 injection into only one of the
powerheads.  My light is somewhat poor. (4)  2 foot flourescents which
include 2 full spectrum lights and 2 regular flourescents totalling only 80
watts.  (I know this is not enough)  My fish love me and all are very happy
and healthy.  However, my plants don't like me and I am really tired of
seeing them barely hanging on to a thread of life.  I would like to change
some things without spending a fortune.  According to your posts, I should
increase my lighting.  Can I get 30 or 40 watt bulbs in 2 foot lengths?  I
haven't been able to locate any.  Also according to your posts, I should
probably put in another CO2 bottle for the other power head.  The problem I
have is in elimating the UG filter.  I was wondering if I should remove it
or what?  I'm afraid to do that for my fishes' sakes.  Should I leave just
the Whisper 5000 as my sole filtering method and is that enough?  The box
says it will handle 400 GPH and up to 150 gal aquarium.  If I remove the UG
filter for the plants I will also lose my CO2 yeast dispersement into my
powerhead.  DECISIONS, DECISIONS !  I REALLY like my FISH but I REALLY like
my plants too.  How to combine the resources to make both happy is a dilema.  
CAn any of you make suggestions for a few changes that would make the MOST
difference with the least cost?
My water is moderately hard: 9 deg KH , 12 deg GH
PH: 7.5
Ammon: 0
Nitrate: 0
Nitrite: 0
Temp: 82-83
My UG filter gravel is relatively small.  1/8 inch diameter or so but I have
added Tetra INITIaL sticks to plant areas to help as well as Tetra Crypto to
fertilize them.  Tetra Florapride only seems to help the algae.  :(  
I also don't understand how you accomplish vacuuming the gravel when there
is vermiculite / soil under your gravel.  
I do not filter carbon.  I vacuum the gravel bed every month or so and do
H20 changes twice per week/30% each.
If I do take out UG filter,  how often do I vacuum the gravel?  
Are the water changes I do sufficient if I have no UG filter?

ALGAE !!!!!  HELP!!

Thanks for any and all imput.  I appreciate you all and this list.  


Debbie Hawley   in Grass Valley California where we are above the valley fog
but below the snow level...AHHH!
hawley at foothill_net