T-8 bulb/ballast help

Hi folks-

It's about that time of the year when my tanks get overhauled and
moved around (to make room for the larger tanks of course :) and
up near the top of my list is to convert some of my hoods to T-8
fixtures. Now, I looked into the FAQs and data compilations
available on the web but I couldn't find any T-8 bulbs longer than
the 18" bulb listed. Does anyone have the product #'s for 5000-6000K
T-8 24" and 48" bulbs? It takes quite a while to get the lighting
salespeople to even start *thinking* about the bulbs I'm looking for,
so if any of you have 2' or 4' T-8 bulbs on your plant tanks, would
you mind peeking at the model # so I can just ask them to look these up?

Also, many have recommended the Advanced T-8 ballast as being reasonable
and decent quality for the price. What's the benefit of opting for the
more expensive Coralife Wizard or Hamilton ballasts? Is the Advanced
an electronic ballast? If not, then I guess my question is answered :)

Thanks for any help,
Devin Sung
dsung at wesleyan_edu