Re: MH Pendant wattage...?

> From: tmarch at primenet_com (Todd March)
> For a heavily planted 29g tank--30"X18"X12", CO2, would a
> single 175 W MH pendant be overkill?

IMHO ;-) 175 watts would not be overkill (but it is going to present
you with an algae explosion when you first turn it on) I suggest getting
lots of Ceratopteris t. for the first week or two, then fill in with
H poly, H diff and then remove that explosive growth stuff after
the algae has been beaten into submission.

OTOH, if electricity costs were an issue and you weren't trying to
grow high light plants, 100W will be very adequate for many plants.

Steve (with a teeny-weeny sig today Hint, hint ;-)