Re: DIY trace element fertilizer

Len Trigg said...
>So I've been thinking about mixing up my own
>from the raw chemicals.


>Assuming I've calculated the percentages correctly, Shiao's recipe is roughly
>similar to the mix used in PMDD's (the exact values probably don't matter
>much, just the order of magnitude of each element).
>Notice that neither of these mixes contain Magnesium.  Neil Frank's nutrient
>deficiency symptoms list notes that lack of Magnesium can cause yellow spots
>on leaves, and Magnesium is one of the major incredients of the Duplagan water
>conditioner.  Is magnesium deficiency likely to occur in aquariums?  Should it
>be added to the fertilizer?

In soft water magnesium could be in short supply. In harder water this is
less likely. I think that you would be smart to add magnesium sulfate.
>I'm not sure what H3BO3 is in english, but these guys have:
>Borax pentahydrate 25kg =  $36.50
>Borax solubor (?)  25kg = $123.00
>Boric acid         25kg =  $48.00

H3BO3 is boric acid.


>Are the elements other than iron in the PMDD mix in chelated form also, or are
>they using the same chemicals as in Shiao's mix?

Zinc, manganese, copper and iron are supposedly chelated in the micro-
nutrient mix incorporated into the PMDD.

You may wish to split the cost of that sodium molybdenate with someone.

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