Java Ferns, Red Algae, Beard Algae ...

Red algae, or Beard Algae, thrives in water where Nitrate and Ph 
levels are too high.  But it would seem that nitrate is the key.  My tank had 
been algae free for six months.  As soon as the Nitrate levels climbed over 
25, in came the beard algae.

	Red algae seems to attack the plants in my tank that aren't as 
healthy as others, leaving the healthy groupings alone. 

	You need to remove the leaves before it spreads, lower your Ph to 
6.5, and lower your nitrate levels with a filter media like Nitra-Zorb.  From 
what I've read, fertilizing with iron and/or CO2 would be a big help.  Check 
your lighting as well.  If you're using flourescent tubes that are too old, 
they may be a factor.