CO2 saturation

A couple days ago I wrote:

> > > 	CO2 saturation at room temperature and pressure is probably 
> > > around 800 mg/l. In my tank, the [CO2] is around 25 mg/l.

	I was not referring to anything that had to do with aquaria. 
Although, by SATURATION I mean like a open glass of soda water (that has 
stopped fizzing).

George Booth wrote in response (to what I wrote a couple days ago)
> > 
> > I think it's more likely around 0.46 mg/l (theorectical) and 2-3 mg/l
> > in a typical tank without CO2 injection due to respiration. 
> > 

	In a tank, under realistic conditions without addition CO2, yeah,
I agree.