Newbie Questions....

Hello All,

I hope you are tolerant of freshman questions here, as my head is spinning
from all the wonderful information I have absorbed on freshwater planted
aquaria this evening and I more confused than ever...!

I am planning making my 20g (30"X17"X10") tank into a heavily planted
setup, perhaps with a school of neons or a some such small accent fish at
most; the tank has been setup for 3 years, housing at first African
Cichilids, and currently two small and messy oscars; it has a substrate of
fine gravel (2-4mm) about 2 1/2 inches thick; lighting is composed of a 24"
Vitalite twist and a 24" Triton in the hood (it was originally setup as a
planted tank); a Penguin power filter is the only filtration.

I was planning on chucking the Penguin power filter and putting in the
smallest Ehiem canister filter with varying mechanical, and carbon,
filtration, and perhaps adding a 1/2 inch to an inch more of substrate
(sand?), dosing the bottom of the tank with laterite, adding a DYI CO2
(yeast method) injection system, and sticking with the two 24" florescent

Does this sound like a go for most plants? Is the lighting inadequate? Is
the canister filter a good choice or would an Aquaclear on the back work as
well...? From what I have surmised a slow flow of water is optimal for
these "lush" growth tanks...?

Any and all help is most appreciated...!


Todd March

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                   Todd March
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