Found Microplex source in So Calif

For anyone in Southern California in general, Miller Chemical (manufacturer
of Microplex micronutrients) told me that the sales rep for our area is Paul
Sakai in Ventura @ 805-654-1850.

For anyone in San Diego County, Microplex can be found at Agricultural
Supply, Inc. (800-527-6699)  The main office is located in Escondido - the
800# is for this office (by the way, their truck also had Oxnard on it).
They also have an office in Chula Vista - Escondido had 190 lbs of Microplex
on Friday, May 24th - Chula Vista didn't have any but said they could have
it trucked down.  Price is $5.01/lb - smallest bag is 5lbs.

(P.S. - I also spoke to Plant Products Limited - product is called CSM,
Chelated Secondary Mix, in the U.S. - authorized dealer in U.S. is McCalif
Growers Supplies - 800-234-4559.  Unfortunately, neither the 800 number, nor
the local office in Vista, had heard of the product.)

Hope this helps.....:-)