chillers: peltier

Last week I did receive a peltier diode/element.

It consists of two ceramic layers with the real 
active element sitting in between them.

It needs an power supply of approx. 13.8Volts=@3.5Amps. 

The capability is: "pumping" heat (energy) to approx. 65 Watts.

When you apply electr. power to it one side is becoming hot 
and the other side becomes (freezing) cool.

My guess is: put cooling fins and a fan on the hot side and 
bring the cool side in (heat)contact with the aquaruim waterflow.
The first part is common thing to me (audio amplifiers), but 
how can one realise the second part?
I don't prefer glass, because what can happen when the device is 
litterally getting _freezing_ cold? It may crack I think...

Is stainless steel a good choice?

I hope some of you with heat problems can do something with this 
information for next (hot? ;-) ) summer.

When the electric polarity is reversed the device can act as an 
aquarium heater.
Besides that the voltage is safe (if the power transformer is) :-).

Gerard van Klaveren.