>From: mark.fisher at tpwd_state.tx.us

>     I had a gnarly cedar stump in my aquarium (Juniperus asheyi--Ashe
>     juniper, from Austin TX)

The "cedar" I referred to as having toxic properties are the "thuga" or
"cedrus" varieties. There are *many* cedars including false ones. All the
cedars around here in the Pacific Northwest would not be good candidates
for an aquarium wood. What you have is what we would call "juniper". That
is another aromatic wood with oils but I have heard nothing about whether
it has toxic properties.

So, I guess if you live in Texas and can find "Juniperus asheyi" it would
be safe in your tank. But don't go for "cedar" unless you know what it is.

in lovely *sunny* Vancouver