Re:PMDD 's again

     >However the potassium sulphate was a granular form which looked 
     >almost like small gravel about 1/8 in in size.  When I tried to mix 
     >it with  the water it did not want to dissolve.  I stirred it and 
     >shook it up repeatedly, then I left it set overnight and it
     >still has dissolved very little.  Is this the right stuff
     >and if so How do you get it to dissolve?
     Try dissolving the K2SO4 in hot water.  Both the KNO3 and the K2SO4 
     are in their standard state, and will not break down in hot water.  If 
     this doesn't work, try KCl instead of K2SO4.  You can get this at a 
     grocery store as "salt substitute", but beware!  Some brands use 
     phosphate as a dessicant!