Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #89

Greg Tong <gtong at sirius_com> write Wed, May 22:

>Subject: Green water fallacies?

>I've got another question for you all. Someone on the Goldfish List has
>stated firmly that green water is caused by incomplete biological
>filtration, that if our filters were working, there would never be green
>water. His reasoning is that green water algae can only live when there is
>ammonia around whereas "hairy algae" (his term not mine) can thrive on
>nitrates and phosphates. He claims this is why green water is *never* found
>in planted tanks.
>Neither his conclusion nor his assumptions along the way sound right to me.
>Advice? TIA.

Green water algae use nitrate very well.  I have seen this in algae
research literature, and I have also seen a quick greening response when I
have given a nitrogen-deficient tank with green water (well, yellow-green)
a small amount of nitrate.  In fact, formulas for nutrient solution mixes
for growing single celled algae always use nitrate.  I have had planted
tanks with green water, and I am sure that others have also.  The green
water algae are very strong competitors for nitrate,

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