Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #83

>Rochelle Williams said:
>>Someone posted a week or so ago, that they took out their biowheel so the
>>plants would get all the nutrients.  Please, correct me if I'm wrong but I
>>thought the purpose of a biowheel was to provide increased area for
>>nitrifying bacteria.  They then convert  ammonia and nitrite into nitrates.
>> And that the nitrifying bacteria did nothing with the nitrates, that they
>>couldn't use them.  Therefore, all the nitrates are available to the plants.
>>  Please, comment.
>T'was me that removed the biowheel. The plants are going like crazy and the
>fish seem very happy - the empirical (anecdotal?) data is supportive. I am
>under the assumption (or misassumption?) that the plants can use the
>nitrogen in amonia, nitrite, and nitrate form. Now I'm curious too.
> "Please, comment".

I've never seen a biowheel, but I assume it's a type of wet/dry or drip
filter. The idea is to provide lots of oxygen for the nitrifying bacteria
to do their "thing". The water leaving the filter is very oxygenated,
but also has a very low CO2 content, which is "not so good" for plants.

Just my 0.02.