Re: Biowheel

>>T'was me that removed the biowheel. The plants are going like crazy and the
>>fish seem very happy - the empirical (anecdotal?) data is supportive. I am
>>under the assumption (or misassumption?) that the plants can use the
>>nitrogen in amonia, nitrite, and nitrate form. Now I'm curious too.
>> "Please, comment".
>Empircal but your conclusion about causality may not be correct.
>When you removed the biowheel, did you also stop the waterfall? The
>splashing is likely to dissipate more CO2. By stopping the waterfall, you
>keep more CO2 in the water for the plants. Was the biowheel your only

I did not mean to imply that removing the Biowheel was the cause of the
plants growing like crazy. Substrate, CO2, and lights were added over the
last few months as the DIY schedule allowed. The tank started out as a 1995
Christmas present for the kids (it was never meant to be a research
project), then I stumbled on all this aquatic plant stuff on the internet.

The water level is kept up to the lower lip of the waterfall so there is no