Re:Madagascar lace plant

Llewellyn Kouba, <LPKOUBA at tiny_computing.csbsju.edu> wrote Sun, May 19:

>I am an avid aquarist and have succesfully grown numerous variety of plants but
>would like to try the madagascar lace - Can anyone out there give me advice as
>to how to culture this one?  Thank you... Llewellyn Kouba
Madagascar lace plants like some soil under the gravel, but they do not
like a very high amount of organic matter in that soil.  I have found that
they benefit greatly from having some other plants nearby whose roots come
in contact with the lace plant's roots.  I have never had success with a
lace plant when it is in a tray by itself, but I have always had good
growth when they had a "companion" plant.  Small crypts make good companion
plants.  Lace plants like a lot of room, moderate to high light, and they
benefit from CO2 additions.

Good luck!

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