Re: Biowheel Question

Rochelle Williams said:

>Someone posted a week or so ago, that they took out their biowheel so the
>plants would get all the nutrients.  Please, correct me if I'm wrong but I
>thought the purpose of a biowheel was to provide increased area for
>nitrifying bacteria.  They then convert  ammonia and nitrite into nitrates.
> And that the nitrifying bacteria did nothing with the nitrates, that they
>couldn't use them.  Therefore, all the nitrates are available to the plants.
>  Please, comment.

T'was me that removed the biowheel. The plants are going like crazy and the
fish seem very happy - the empirical (anecdotal?) data is supportive. I am
under the assumption (or misassumption?) that the plants can use the
nitrogen in amonia, nitrite, and nitrate form. Now I'm curious too.
 "Please, comment".