Re: Sources for PMDD

Somebody says...
>Finally, I found the chelated 
>     trace mix with 7% Fe at a Canadian hydroponics shop (it seems to be a 
>     Canadian product only; all the American shops I called carry liquid 
>     trace elements and have never heard of the powdered form, and one in 
>     Arizona tried to tell me that 7% Fe would be toxic).  I found it at 
>     Coastal Growers Supply Ltd., Surrey, BC (604) 599-1778.  I'll bet 
>     other Canadian shops carry it as well. I got "The List" from 
>     http://www.growroom.com
>     Some of the U.S. hydroponics shops are, like, really laid back, dude! 
>     (I think I know who their regular customers are!) ;-)
>     Here are the two formulas, for comparison:
>     MICROPLEX          COASTAL
>     Fe 4%              Fe 7%
>     Mg 5.4%            Mg 0%
>     Mn 4%              Mn 2%
>     Zn 1.5%            Zn 0.4%            
>     Cu 1.5%            Cu 0.1%
>     B 0.5%             B  1.3%
>     Mo 0.1%            Mo 0.06%
>     Co 0.05%           Co 0%

To locate North American retailers of the Canadian mix you might
try calling the wholesaler listed below. It is sold at some shops
in the U.S. The product is Chelated Micronutrient Mix made by

Plant Products Limited
314 Orenda Avenue
Brampton, Ontario  L6T1G1
Tel. 1-905-793-7000

I should get $5 every time I post this address and number.

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