substrate...which ones the best?

	Im soon gonna tear apart my 20GH heavily planted tank...I moving
	so I might as well take out the UGF and add a rich substrate. Plants
	are grwoing fine right now..but they can do better.
	Ive been reading those articles on topsoil/laterite/vermiculite/gravel
	layer substrates. Id like to know the best combinations. The plants
	in the tank are the usual...Swords/crypts/java fern/moss...bacopa
	cabomba. Vals dont seem to do good in my tank..nor do pygmy swords.
	Im gonna try a richer substrate. I have enough light going into 
	he tank and am fertilizing with Co2 and iron suppliments.
	Any suggestions?

							Ghazanfar Khan Ghori 
							ghori at xnet_com
		  					ghori at netcom_com